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A new home for all your fibre solutions is coming

While we put the finishing touches on our new website, discover how you can benefit from TMC’s unsurpassed knowledge of Merino wool throughout the supply chain. And see why TMC should be your trusted source of valuable information when it comes to the sustainable and ethical practices of fibre producers.

Thanks to our global network of partners TMC is a renowned expert in spinning, knitting, and garment manufacture – from Superfine merino for luxury apparel, to certified organic wool for home textiles. We are at the forefront of new merino developments and advanced technologies from luxurious soft and colourful next-to-skin jersey fabrics to medical breakthroughs in compression socks (www.encirclemedical.com).


Renowned spinning facility  NUYARN®’s specialised technology, along with TMC’s reputation for quality and innovation, provides you with our unique competitive edge and expanded product offering including highly specialised circular knitted fabrics, fully fashioned and seamless garments. (Nuyarn.com)


Whether for fashion, underwear, socks or technical / performance wear, we can assist with fabrics made from the best raw fibres including Merino, Bamboo, Soy, Cotton, Nylon and more


From quality driven top making facilities, through to TMC Apparel garment makers, we work with proactive and customer focused supply chain partners and manufacturers in Australia, China, Europe, India, New Zealand, USA and Vietnam

You’ll also get access to educational marketing information for staff training and greater understanding about a product, its key attributes, including raw material, processing and technical specifications.

Contact us today. Let’s get started on a tailored product and marketing solution that’s right for you.